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    I have a 7/8" OD line with a hard kink or crimp in it. How will this effect the system and efficiency?

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    A compressor failure waiting to happen....not counting the capacity reduction...

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    How will this effect the system and efficiency?
    What does a clogged artery do to life span and quality of life?

    Poor piping practices, in general, shorten the life of the equipment and lower the efficiency.

    It could do nearly nothing, but could keep it from working at all. Kinks & crimps are variable.

    If they could put in a smaller pipe and flow the same amount, I am pretty sure they would use a smaller one.

    You already know it isn't right.
    So, do the right thing.
    Have a local contractor, that you trust, take a look at it.
    If this is a new installation, get them back before the warranty expires.

    (By the way, DIY means "KICK ME" on this forum.)

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