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    It's been almost 15 years and our furnace is on it's last breath, so it needs to be replace.

    My problem: 15 years and a heck of a lot has changed! Back then units were just bought by their tonnage and you turned it on and the thermostat kept it in a comfortable range. Now there's so many changes it's hard to grasp it all.

    What can you recommend to read to understand the new changes to see what's a good value for my residence? Some new brands are on the market, so don't know how good they are (know of Carrier/Trane/Lennox and Tempstar), or even all these new fangled options truly offer.

    We live in the hot and humid state of Georgia, have a 1500sf home (one story) currently with a 3 ton unit (Tempstar). My mom's retired now and stays home a lot so the unit has to keep the home comfortable for she's elderly. And do the thermastats now require a rocket science degree to use (mom's not getting any younger to use them)?

    So can someone offer a head's up on the changes and how much better they are -- I read now folks judge by noise and even finish (that is something, considering it wasn't much of an option before). So what should I really look for in a unit other than tonnage?

    Ack! So many questions I hope some of you HVAC guys feel like holding class for a n00b. :/

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    Dehumidification improvements are the number one thing in todays top of the line equipment,over what was available 15 years ago.

    The indoor fan will be variable speed, and able to deliver the precise cfms needed,under various coditions.

    Most every brand has some version of this type control,Carrier's Infinity ,is the most advanced and easy to operate,though any brand's Variable speed, properly installed and setup,will be an improvement over what you have.

    The design,install and service after the sale are very important.So find a top notch dealer,that can install the brand that the features and benefits yiou decide are important to you.

    Check some manufacturers website and compare .

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    Is the dehumidification improvements designed to protect the furnace? Reason I ask is our furnace is badly rusted. Humidity around here stays well in the 80% range on average, but was so surprised how fast a unit can rust out.

    Have the best local heating and air dealer looking at this, but since it's such an investment (and they seem too pushy to sell fast for my tastes -- I don't mind fast service, but this isn't a $200 purchase -- and time is needed to investigate the new features better.

    Years ago local folks didn't recommend Carrier due to rust problems on the condenser, have their quality improved since? This dealer sells Carrier/Trane/Lennox and most of the established brands (but not the cheap ones).

    Anyone with a good recommendation for a 3 ton unit that's isn't rust friendly, so I can research?

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