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    I have a 2 story colonial about 2500 sq.ft 18 years old, with an 18 x 18 familyroom addition on the back. I have a small boiler that provides in floor radiant heat for the addition, and indirect hot water storage tank for the 2 1/2 baths and kitchen. The gas fired hot air furnace needs to be replaced, and my question is, should I replace the small boiler with a unit that can heat the whole house, in floor radiant in addition ,plus radiant heat exchanger in new hot air furnace? My thinking is saving money long term with more efficent radiant, and only one piece of equipment burning gas instead of 2.
    thanks for any imput.

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    If the boiler was put in recently, might not be cost effective to get rid of it. What about putting in a second boiler? I would think the blower on the furnace is old also. I would think about getting an air handler with a hot water coil to keep the warm air going and could be used for AC. You can put 2 boilers feeding a primamry loop and with the proper controls like a Tekmar 262, it would bring on the second boiler when it was very cold out and you needed maximum hot water. Kind of like having a 2 stage boiler. The tekmar can even alternate using each boiler so you keep both operating durring the year. If space was an issue you have some high efficency wall hung condensing boilers available now. It might be more to service, but you maximize efficency by only firing the min. amount of BTU's you need.

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    thanks for the reply, I guess the question I should ask you is, if the smaal boiler and the hot air furnace needed to be replaced, what would you put in? ( ac is also same age as hot air heater)

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    I would do the radiant heat w/ the boiler, and keep the duct work for the air handler for the A/C, and have a hydro coil as well if you need a quicker recovery.

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    I would recommend a modulating condensing gas boiler such as Heat Transfer Product's Munchkin or Weil-McLain Ultra.
    You need both high and low temp water so mixing valves will also be needed. Boiler controls will ramp up the boiler when the indirect calls for BTU's and fire at a lower rate for heating. The controls will vary the boiler temp relative to how cold it gets outside. If you plan on moving more of the house onto radiant later on, you'll be able to change the heating curve of the boiler to produce cooler water and only save the high fire for heating the indirect. These boilers are 90% efficent and require fresh air intake and exhuast with PVC piping. They're pricer then standard cast iron boilers, so your budget must decide.

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