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    Hmm Salt Water Problems

    Worked for a Shell petroleum plant and all the units we installed were treated against corosion, dont buy a fancy type unit though just simple controls. Set alot of lennox 2 spds down on the gulf cost and the salt would eat away at the contactors & control boards but never any coil problems.It was so bad that the contactors were deterrating with in 6 months, had a lennox rep come down but of course he wouldnt commit himself. but you can get treated sysytems as stated by all the other Tech's, good luck with your choice of units.

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    Residential Corrosion

    Here is a better explanation of why coils corrode. As far as brands; what is the warranty they offer. Maytag is good, but unless you apply a coating, they don't warranty. I believe York is the same. Trane I am not sure as well as with Carrier. This is one reason by protective coatings for systems has been taking a better foothold in the industry. Most OEMs don't protect against corrosion.

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