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    NORTHERN BUREAU -- There have been at least four deaths in the northern Miami Valley caused by suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. In each of those deaths, authorities said gas operated generators in homes were used improperly.

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    How stunned people can be, why don't they just open the door to their garage and start up the car? Why would this be a subject on here we can't make people smarter, we are here to advise on their mechanical systems not to be brain surgeons. Up here I did a ventilation system for a lawyer representing a contractor who is being sued because two people died from carbon monoxcide poisoning due to an air inversion which pushed the gases back into the home. He said even though every thing was done by code his clients are still going to loose the law suit.

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    It's all about safety!

    As contractors it is our responsibility to make sure the mechanical systems that we install are safe.
    If we don't take it upon ourselves to educate the public about carbon monoxide & it's effects who will?
    We are the only industry crazy enough to start a fire in someones home & then say it is safe because the flame is blue & clean.
    If you were in a potentially dangerous situation wouldn't you be grateful to the individual who informed you of this?
    This does not fall under the category of brain surgery,it falls under the category of safety.
    To say an installation is safe because it is installed according to code is crazy. I have yet to test a common vented natural draft water heater & induced draft furnace that operate as they are supposed to.
    If the vent becomes plugged the furnace will still continue to operate while spilling out the draft hood of the water heater.
    We can't assume an appliance is safe until it has been tested.
    Mech you are to be commended for what you are doing here,hopefully more people will respond positively & start to make a difference instead of pretending this is not a real problem.
    To see how big of an issue this is set up a google alert for carbon monoxide.
    You will be shocked & saddened at how rampant it is.
    This only documents high level poisonings & doesn't even touch low level poisoning.

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