I have a relatively new Weil McLain Gold GV Series 3 gas-fired boiler w/ a Superstore domestic water heater installed in 2001 and located in the basement. The system is a 2 zone (1st and 2nd floor) with Taco 007 circulators and 1" copper pipe is used throughout. There is a Honeywell air eliminator at the 30PSI expansion tank. Baseboard units are used on the living spaces. This heating season,the system has become air bound and I have had to bleed the lines every other day. I have had numerous site visits from 2 different HVAC contractors that can't fix the problem. Even the Weil McLain field rep couldn't figure it out. There are no leaks in the pipes, there are no automatic valves on the system, the coin valves at the baseboard units are all closed tightly, and I have a high quality air eliminator at the expansion tank. Any input would be extremely helpful--Thanks!