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    What a moron.

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    Re: Re: Re: Doesn't emnas but are...

    Originally posted by heckler
    We had some friends from California. They took their kids to Montana on vacation. The kids refused to get out of the car because they couldn't see any air to breathe. True story.
    Yeah. You rule, California.

    Now I just had to chime in on that one. Now are you saying that the air looked too dirty to breathe or the kids are so stupid they have to see air before they try to breathe it? You are saying thats a true story? hummmm ok guess I dont need to ask about the school systems in california, that kind of tell it all. Oh by the way heckler ,no need to comment to me. with that being a true story I dont need to hear anymore true stories from you lol. fruits and nuts

    [/B][/QUOTE] [/B][/QUOTE]

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    You want to use metal duct. The metal prices are going up. I would buy galanized, it is cheaper and you also do not always need stainless unless by code if your state has one.

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