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Thread: trane heat pump

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    >>> why do uninformed homeowners come on here looking to dump there problem on the havc tech or installer when they have no idea how the equipment operates.<<<
    That is precisely why they come here is for help to learn why they are having problems. If the caliber of companies were such every job was perfect, we, as members of our Industry, would just be helping each other with problems. Which means there is a very good chance we do not know how all the equipment, systems, and/or controls don't work either or we wouldn't be asking each other.

    Anyway, I will offer this to you Summer.
    1. The nation as a whole was told utilities would rise this year and you can check last years bills to see what you were paying for KW hours.
    2. Many parts of the nation are colder than normal forcing longer heating periods each day thus raising heating costs. People with heat pumps and strip heat will really see the difference vs. gas furnaces which are a constant 80% or more efficient (gas furnaces can be as high as 90% efficient today)when operating properly.
    3. At 25 degrees outside, heat pumps become almost 50% less efficient (they produse only 50% of their rated tonnage)than at higher temperatures. There should be a pamphlet with the outdoor heat pump showing tonnage in BTUs at various outdoor temps.
    4. It is very important to have your system set up properly for winter operation. Your a/c person, or someone knowlegeable, may have to come back and check total system operation.
    5. It is also very important to do all one can to make a home as energy efficient as is possible construction-wise.
    6. Your a/c person needs to come out and explain why your system is costing so much to operate or explain why it isn't.
    7. You can contact your utility company and ask if they feel your costs are too high for additional feed-back on this issue.
    8. Hopefully the system installed is of adequate design and size to heat your home in the first place.
    good luck and hope this helps a little.
    ps: maybe you could tell us a little about your system(s) and also get back and post what has transpired.

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    when the trane guy checked the charge it showed 60 on the gage and today for example its in the 20's in sc and the indoor is set at 73. we have 1332 square footage with a 14 foot at the peak vaulted ceiling in living room/dining room. the seer is xr12 and here is the number of it: 2twr2024a 1000ab volts and the handler is twgo25a140

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    To follow up on centralflinstaller's statement about uninformed ho's that have no idea how the equipment operates - you are right, but it's not always the ho's fault. It would be helpful if Trane would provide detailed owner's information about how the heat pump should operate, when auxiliary heat should come on, when emergency heat should come on, when defrost occurs, when should the heat pump keep running, etc, etc. You pay several thousand for a new heat pump and you get squat as far as operational info - just brief generic stuff, and the standard "make sure you change your filter". I got more information from the manufacturer of the $75 dollar vacuum that I bought. You try to get info from Trane customer service and you get flipped back to the installer. So naturally when you don't have anything else to go on you are going to suspect that something is wrong with the equipment. That is why this forum is helpful to ho's.

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    In the 20's, both the heat pump and your aux heaters should be running.

    When the tech checked your system, I'd guess it was mild out, about 40 or so.

    Do you have a ceiling fan in your vaulted ceiling.
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