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    Help- Heat Auxillary On

    We have a Honeywell 7000 series (sorry cant remember) thermostat. here recently it's gotten cold, probably the lowest it's gotten was about 38 degrees in the morning and a little higher at night. We have it set at a schedule to turn on. On Thursday (thanksgiving) night it got very cold, and we turned the heat on. Well all night long, and I mean ALL night long it did not heat the house. I look on the thermo and it says 71 degrees inside, 74 Degrees Heat on - Heat Auxillary. It had ran all night long with no heat. We have had MUCH colder winter last year and we never had this problem at all. I have to turn the heat to 71 degrees, same as the inside temp, until heat shuts off, then I can raise it to 72 wait until heat turns off, raise to 73 wait until heat turns off and then finally 74. Last night we did that and it kept us warm all night, only for me to check it at 5am because I noticed it was getting cold in the house, it was 71 degrees inside with 74 degrees Heat Auxillary, at that point I couldn't even raise it just 1 degree becuase it kept coming on. We are at a complete loss as to why this is happening when we havent had ANY problems with heating.
    Can someone PLEASE tell me what might be wrong, I dont want to pay for a guy to come out to say there's nothing wrong when I KNOW there is.

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    Sounds like for some reason the heat pump isn't working and the t-stats turning on Aux. heat.

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    So do you think we will need to have it looked at?

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    I would recommend you call in a qualifed tech. The problem is not going to correct itself. Your system obviously has something not working correctly.

    Plus I would get tired of getting up in the middle of the night playing with the thermostat.

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    You're telling me! It was annoying to try to get it to warm the house this morning. I always get up at 5am but i didnt feel like taking a shower and stepping out into a FREEZING bathroom!

    Ok guys thank you so much! I'm a wife, whose hubby is too lazy to do this stuff, lol.. J/K babe, I LOVE YOU! lol.. anyway, ok well I guess we'll have to see if we can get an estimate, sigh...

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