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    There was a young guy who ran a one man refrigeration company here in our area. He took care of the mommy and pop stores around town. After a battle with cancer he passed away yesterday.

    His name was Phil Sheraton and he was only 48 years old. The name of his company is Ridge Runner Refrigeration. His father was killed in the Vietnam War. He leaves behind a wife and family.

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    That sounds like a sad situation, and only 48 years old.

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    Life is full of such tragedies, every day we should wake up and be glad for the time we got here, it is only a matter of time before it's our turn. 48 is so young.
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    Sorry Ben.

    I'll bet you'll miss him. It's nice to have a "I can't make it, give ridgerunner a call" type guy as backup. Sounds like he got the good kind of cancer. That other kind that lingers and takes ya piece by piece- Hateful. Sucks to loose a comrade tho. Hope his family will be OK.
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    Well he sounds like he did some good things with his life. It is tragic we all only have a certain length of time here but it is not about when a person goes but what he does with himself inbetween and sounds like your friend should be proud of how he used his time....

    A real tragedy is when someone does nothing with their life and just watches the clock tick by.

    So in any case anyone is confused about when to do something .....YES!... the TIME is NOW!
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    So true humid.

    Just this week for me I have decided that some decisons need to be made and basically things I need to not be so lazy about. Time to put the hammer down and get going with things. Cause you never know if tommorow is going to be it.

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