I have a 4 ton Rheem heat pump that I'm looking at for a friend. It cools good, and it heats good. The complaint is that he has to reset the high pressure switch on very cold days.

I slap the gauges on it in cooling and get 40 suction & 150 head on a 75* day. Evap is clean, blower etc. . I tried to add a little gas , no pressure changes...So I tried it in heating mode. Switched my gauges ,fired it up and now really scratching my head ,120 suction ,125 head.

In cooling mode the center tube on reversing valve back to compressor was cool and right tube was cool . Only 4* temp difference. In heating mode the same two tubes were warm. That don't seem right to me? Should it be the tube on left now for heat. RLA for comp 29.1 It was pulling 14.3 in both modes. Is my RV bad ? Or is this scroll compressor kicking my butt ? Also flutter on high side gauge in heat mode only. Heat pumps a rare for me to see.