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    Stockman interview watch and learn

    Stockman was Reagans OMB director. He was the architect of Reaganomics.
    Signature on hold. Trying to find a real Jefferson quote I like. Others here have bogus Jefferson quotes too.

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    I pretty much agree. The only factor that he left out was that we now have a leader who doesn't even recognize free enterprise or what free enterprise is. And we have a leader and congress that continue to insist that spending is the way to happiness and they do not focus on bringing back our industrial complex in anyway.

    So we have a ton of skilled workers with no place to work presently and in the future. So how is it they can talk about new jobs or getting people back to work when those jobs they had no longer exist?

    The American people can solve our own problems if our government would get out of the way. The only two skills our Federal representatives have from the White House to Congress is to tax and/or control, which is putting us out of business.
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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