Trying to integrate a 7 year old Trane BCU with my ethernet network. My current thought is to connect an rs232 to ethernet converter to the ea232 terminals in the bcu. Then I would assign an ip address to the converter and put an ethernet card in my Tracer Summit computer. Voila! (I think), a networked BCU. The serial to ethernet device I am looking at is a Moxa DE211.

A few questions:

1. Has anyone done this before so I don't have to go it alone?

2. Does anyone have a diagram or technical doc of the BCU. I have Trane document BAS-PRC001-EN, but that is for the newer BCUs. I belieive I may be looking for document BAS-PD-3. I would like to specifically know the functions of the circuit board connectors.

3. Any ideas on how Tracer Summit would handle the situation?

4. Do you think that there would be BACNet issues in doing this?