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    my apartment has no heat because the maintenance a holes don't know how to change a hsi.
    isn't this part of their job hvac knowledge?
    a holes like this are disgracing the maintenance trade
    can't wait to move next week

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    Your maintenance guys must've missed the last training class on HSI offered by the local "multi-housing" supply house.

    Oh, wait...the management didn't bother to tell the guys, and they're too overloaded with make-readies and move-outs and screaming tenants because the water circulator crapped out again to have any time to get to a class, anyway.

    I've been lead maintenance before at several apartment complexes. It's mostly a thankless job. I think the industry expects high turnover so they don't invest much in training their maintenance staff. For me I already had some decent HVAC skills going in and I wasn't the kind of guy just to leave a tenant hanging with no reasonable explanation.
    Of course as soon as I was offered a better job I blew out of the "multi-housing industry". They can have the 2 AM phone calls or pages because some tenant who just moved into an upstairs unit wasn't swift enough to tighten their washing machine supply hoses all the way before turning on the taps and ended up flooding the unit downstairs.
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    Most apartments do not pay enough to get maintenance people that fix things, they just work on them
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    Around here apartment maintenance gets like 10-12 bucks and hour and have to supply their own tools and transportation. So they always end up with the guys who couldn't make it in the real world, drunks, drug heads, dumb asses....etc

    Good luck.

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