Beware the politician and the crafty ways they use the English language!

This article sums up what our omnipotent politicians have dreamed up.

. . .tax revenues forgone in the enactment of tax deductions, such as for interest payments on home mortgages or charitable contributions, and tax credits, such as for first-time homebuyers or adoptions, are now commonly described as "Tax Expenditures." The thought is that the government is spending money in deciding not to take it in taxes and to allow the taxpayers to keep it.

Hmm. Are the majority of the american people going to be duped by this effort in Newspeak??

The underlying assumption of those who hold this view is that the government already owns the funds in question whether it has collected them in taxes or not. The government is the alleged owner of funds that belong to the taxpayer and which it abstains from taking. It allegedly spends these funds in allowing the taxpayers to keep them.

The bastards! To the never ending desire of the Gov. to own us as slaves never ends!

The notion of tax expenditures provides the pretext for massive tax increases in the name of reducing government spending.

I enjoyed these quotes from the comments section

Our predicament is a result of democracy, the very thing we are exporting to the Middle East at gunpoint. And once people realize they can vote themselves goodies paid for by others, you’ll have an endless stream of slimy politicians promising to give them goodies. Taking away all the “free” stuff is like taking a rattle away from a baby. They’ll have a conniption fit. The solution: kick the can down the road by borrowing and inflating. Rinse and repeat.

This is similar to the government requesting a 5% increase in spending but only getting a 4% increase and calling it a spending cut, or when they increase spending this year less than they increased it last year and likewise referring to that as a reduction in spending.

Or I could rob a bank, but before leaving hand $1000 to the cashier and tell him how much profit they made, thanks to me.