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    Pardon this rather mundane inquiry.

    I've a Sanyo split (24K), and struggle to clean the coil and blower wheel of the inside unit/evaporator that handles the family room and adjoining kitchen.

    Aside from vacumning, what's the best/easiest method (if any) to clean it, and which doesn't leave me with the additional task of mess cleaning? Also, is the blower wheel removable for a thorough washing?

    Your insights are greatly appreciated.

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    Question a question?

    Is there an air filter on that system?, there should be, and then you wouldnt have this dilemma.

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    i'm guessing you are talking about a mini split (ductless)

    a long and short brush and a dropcloth.

    and as gmac implied, keep the filters clean

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    Simple Green degreaser will do a great job on the Cooling Coil . If you can disassemble the unit enough to reach the Cooling Coil (front and back) , then you can use the degreaser to clean it with a gentle rinse of water from a hose, or, from a spray bottle filled with water. Any water runoff, should be carried away via the condensate line from the cooling coil. To do the motor, id use a small long cylindrical brush to get into the blower wheel along with a vaccuum. Please do this with ALL POWER OFF to the unit, and, if you cant do it without getting the Units electrical components wet, then, dont do it. As the others have said : Change filters often to keep dirt to a minimum.

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