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Thread: At desing temps

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    And below,so how long have you guys been below design temps?

    And what kind of calls or you getting?

    We,have been going out to alot of waterheater setting in a shed or non heated mechanical room,and the complaint is not enough hot water.

    Also alot of apollo system that were not design for heat and
    h20 together and the house will not get above 60 degree.
    Lots of bad fusible links and heat squencer,and the one I like the most this time of year accumulators.

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    every year when it drops below 0 degrees I run across two or three systems that just cant keep up. When its a boiler I crank up the aquastat a bit but for a furnace I have no answer. All in all insulation will fix it for the most part. Im guessing you have the same thing from what you said.
    Free cooling and heating all at the wrong time of year.

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