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    Been working out in this snow and cold for about ten days nonstop now. I have absolutely had it. This AM truck wouldn't start. Battery getting weak.

    I can empathize with any technician in this business working in these conditions. I have just had it. It's time to think about moving south, southwest.

    If you think of all the crap that you have to put up with, deal with, reason with, suffer with, all the extra work you got to do do your thing, all the extra costs associated with buying things like winter wear, salt for the driveway, gas for the snowblower, potential spin outs and damage to your car. I could go on and on.

    I knew this winter was going to piss me off. As the last winter wore on, I was getting increasingly irritated. When spring arrived I was in Heaven. As rthis winter started looming my attitude in general just began to suck. And still does.

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    Be thankful that you are working, here in Houston Texas all I'm doing is looking at the phone.

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    DDDD be careful what you wish for. i've been to Vegas in July at 113*f ,dry heat yes, it was like walking into a furnace. you sound tired and burnt-out. go take a nap or better yet, go take a vacation.

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    Thanks comfort I am sitting here at 10 am ticked off cause my truck wouldn't start and I killed the battery trying. Then I read your post and realized there are alot of worse things than having to jump start a truck once in a while, 4 yrs ago I would have killed to have 5 day worth of work in a week now that I am busy guess there is nothing to it but to do it. anyway thanks for putting it into perspective

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    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    Hey Dow! They have these new vehicles out that no longer use carbs. They start up on the first turn of the key. Maybe thats an option you could look into?

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    I agree whole heartedly on this winter thing. I remember being pissed off 2 years ago when we had just as much snow. (last year was pretty mild).

    See, I moved to Connecticut from Kansas, where temperature wise, the winters I'd say were identical but the snowfall was not nearly as much as it is here.

    I guess I resent it in a way, because I like doing A/C work, and it seems that every summer I have been here there is just less and less of it.

    I used to look forward to May rolling around for the A/C services and break downs to come around. I am so tired of doing boiler cleanings every single week of the year. I even end up doing them in August when we get a whole week of 90+ temps.

    Why do I resent it? Because I moved here in 1999 to be closer to my 2 sisters and their kids, a life long drem since 1994 when the older of my 2 sisters moved here. Since I have been here, they have just gone on to live their lives just as they did before I even got here, leaving me out, and only asking things of me when they need something done.

    Did I know what I was getting into before I moved here? Yep. But I knew it would be well worth it to live a good life close to my family members. But now that I am here, and all they do is take advantage of me and ***** about me behined my back, I feel that it was not worth it.

    I remember the days of changing condenser fan motors, blower motors, troubleshooting electrical problems, and going to the supply house from a service call and not having to drive for 30 minutes to get there. I also remember furnaces. Yes furnaces. Not boilers. And gas furnaces at that, where you didn't have to unload your truck into the customer's house to do the anual tune-up and carry it all back out, 3 to 5 times a day.

    I also remember the friendlier culture, where you go sit down at the counter in a resteraunt for breakfast, and the person sitting next to you would actually strike up a conversation. Where your co workers would actually do something with you outside of work, be it come over for a ball game or get together fishing or for a game of golf. Where you drive down the road and people wave to say hi.

    Every time we have a massive snow storm, or I get stuck in traffic, or I stop at a convenient store and they don't have a ****ing bathroom, let alone any good food, or I try to joke around with guys at the supply house and they just look at me like I am strange, I just get more and more pissed off.

    And what gets me even more, is that when I talk about the good ole days with my sisters, or ask them stuff like "Wouldn't it be great to have that lifestyle back?" they just say "No I don't WANT that life stle back or I'd move back there" or, "Life goes on, get over it".

    I personally would give anything to have those days back. I should have realized years ago that obviously my siblings did not give a **** about me or my mom and dad, because if they did they would not have moved this far away from home in the first place.

    I am in the same boat as you are Dowadudda. I have just had it. Had it with the weather, the culture, and my family.

    About the only good thing I can say that has happened to me in the last 5 years as that I do have a job with a great company, and I have gooten a second job with a DJ outfit, which is a hobby I have always wanted to get into.
    I am going to feel guilty when the day does come that I have to laeve them to move, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

    Just wanted to vent and let you know you aren't the only one.

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    shoveled a path through 15" of snow this morning to get to a package chiller.

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    I love New England.
    I can't stand working in the heat. But thats just me.
    If its minus 20 out I just wear warmer clothes.
    But if its 110 out in them hotter climates, you can't get any cooler. Unless you're an office worker or a stay at home daddy.

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    CT were do you live? I stoped to ask for derections once and a old man said "you cant get there from here".
    Free cooling and heating all at the wrong time of year.

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    Nothing like a chinook to cheer you up. That's a warm westerly wind. Last week we had wind chill of -50. Today it is +50 and I'm wearing a t-shirt outside.
    Back to 0 by the end of the week
    I love my job, but paydays Thursday

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    I am sick and tired of the lousy weather and short summers.Just about when i get ready to start enjoying summer its over.I have'nt been in the field too long but it has changed around here since I first got into it.Everybody is just looking for someone to do it cheaper, someone always under cutting you and then talking crap about you to make themselves look better.Than the jerkoff at the bank behind my wife laying on the horn cussing and yelling and threating her to hurry up and to just go home!There were still cars in front of her! She came home Crying! Screw Michigan, Can't stand it anymore!!!! Made up my mind today,Moving to Greenville SC, See how things are down there.Just by reading the paper there seems to be alot more opportunity for someone in this field down south.

    I'll work on my spelling and grammer to

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    Originally posted by Carnak
    If it comes to THAT, here, you can have them make that bunk at Wayne, and I'll draw pictures for you.

    As long as those two don't make me wear a tux and call me Alfred.

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