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Around here, from the gossip I got from the supply houses and customers today, everyone thinks the Pats are going to walk all over Philly.

All I want is a real good game, close in the end where one team makes a desparate drive to win. Something entertaining for once. If you ask me, my bent is because the games just aint exciting any more.

I still think Benny Rothlisberger is a pus, choking the way he did and Manning too the previous week,. Thesae guys get paid to play. So fricken play. Doesn't any one else think that way.

You take Manning last week. Didn't do shit. Whats up with that? He is so much better than that. Far as I am concerned until you can prove you can get it done, you should not be a big bucks player. ben was 16-1 as a rookie.....one of those wins were against a team that had a 21 game win streak going.....

It's just such a dissapointement. Not wins or losses. Just the fact that performance of these guys in clutch situations. I am tired of it. I expect more.