Well I have limited data but I am starting to swear by setback thermostats, even though we have a heat pump. Live in southeast PA.

Set back settings 70 day and 66 overnight, recovery occurred at 6AM. My data from Nov, Dec and Jan showed approximately average 67 kwH per day with highs of 95 kwH on the coldest days during that period. Single digits for day and night temps on those cold days.

I just swithched to keeping the temp at a constant 70 which feels comfortable I doubt we could lower it. And for the first two days with temps similar to the coldest days I am comparing it to last month. The weather conditions and other appliance use being the same over those days. Our electric has been 126 and 152 kwh each day respectively. That is almost 1.5X as much electric used to keep the house at 70 overnight. I am going to give it about a week so the outside temps vary but at this rate there is no one that can convince me setback is bad with a heat pump.

We had 1 evenings and highs of 10 for a few days in a row when we were using set back settings and the highest 24 hour reading I had was 95 kwh during that period.
We have not used the oven or dryer so I could make an accurate comparison. The dishwasher and hot water heater were not used any differently over these day as compared to those days.