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    I have a GTI model 4000INS about 5-6 yrs old the previous owners had it installed. What the problem is when it is turned on after a short time the flame will lift from the burner and go out along with the pilot. I can re-light the pilot and it will do the same thing again. But once in a while it will work fine for a day or two. What the manual says is #1 the high limit switch or #2 a bad thermo-generator is this something I can buy parts for and fix myself or is the manual wrong.

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    Sounds like a floating flame which can be very dangerous. This sounds like a job for someone with experience in flame characteristics. Sounds like combustion air problem if flame is lifting and going out.

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    Contact Heat&Glo Customer Care Group for the names of some dealers near you that can service your fireplace- or 888-427-3973. If you are a qualified service tech, their Tech Services group can help. Have your serial # and 4 digit mfg. date code handy.

    The floating flame sounds like a problem with the venting. Check to see the liner is properly attached to the unit and at the termination. Make sure the draft hood/vent connector is not blocked and is properly engaged. There should be a single TEK screw holding the draft hood/connector to the top of the unit. Also, check the air opening into the firebox.

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    checked your direct vent. make sure the inside pipe is toghether and sealed. sounds like the fresh air and exhaust are mixing causing flame lift off.

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    GTI 5000GDV CDN Fire goes out

    We have a GTI 5000 GDV CDN fireplace with a wall switch. We find that the fireplace goes out (pilot stays on) after the fire has been on for awhile. It is out for an undetermined lenght of time and then goes back on by itself...could be up to a couple of hours. Also, there are times that we try to switch the fireplace on and need to flick the switch a number of times before the fire goes on. Can you please help.

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    use the dealer finder to find one by you that can service the fireplace.

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    I am an extreme beginner who could use advisement (probably simple instruction here) - I have a GTI Model 6000 gvc fireplace and the pilot light has gone out... it is behind the grill and I don't see how I can access to relight (or where underneath this function is possible when I open the fold-out grill). I also don't know how to diagnose if the gas has gone out or if the pilot just needs relighting. Please kindly advise if you can. Thank you!

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    I am not near a fireplace right now but if you open the fold out grill you should see a switch that says "on" "pilot" "off". Turn that to "pilot" (you may have to push down on it to turn it); keep holding it down and press the lighter (ignigter) button many times until the pilot lights. Keep pushing down on the pilot switch for 15-20 seconds. The pilot should stay on when you release it. Now turn the switch to "on" (you may have to press down on it in order to turn it back to "on." The fireplace should go on at this time. The pilot should stay on once you have lighted it. Good luck.

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    Thumbs up Thanks HVAC-Talk Community. Greatly Appreciated!

    Thanks so much for the prompt and helpful responses. I am trying to get this fireplace working by Christmas and this helps me to troubleshoot. Happy Holidays all!

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    KathirynLet us know how what worked for you.

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