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    Turkey fryer vs infrared cooker?

    Am considering something like this in the near future.

    Any feedback?

    I've done the deep frying thing and may go that way, but this looks like a LOT simpler option.

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    I used the Big Easy for the first time Thursday and I like it a lot, it takes about 10mn per pound, the results are very similar to oven roast with no much to clean afterward, although deep fry turkey is still my favorite.

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    The big easy kicks butt. Make a water and tony chachere's mixture and inject it into the bird. 10 minutes a pound maybe a bit more if done in really cold weather. Whatever it takes to get to 165 degrees and then remove. Most excellent bird. Works fine for roasts, chickens, anything.


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    The 10 min. versus 4 min. per pound is the big factor. We got one for my son and he only used it once. He wasn't impressed.

    I'll stick to the oil, I guess.

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