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    Has anyone out there used the remote alarm contact feature found on many of the oil burner primary contols? I am surprised that they offer this feature but do not make a prebuilt alarm (that I know of). If you have hooked up a remote lockout alarm would you please share your design with us.

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    The alarm contacts can be used in a variety of ways which is probably why there is no "pre-built" package. I have taken those contacts into a digital controller (usually by having them energize another relay and using that relay's contacts as my "digital input") and used them to generate an alarm dial out from the building automation system. I have also tied them into a simple "auto dialer" to perform the same function. I have also used the Kele model AIS alarm indication station as well. It is a pre-built light, horn and pushbutton switch all in one box. Horn is somewhere around 80 dB and switch will kill it. Light stays on until alarm condition clears. Runs around $105.00.

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    Same as fms2k. We use a relay to isolate the boiler from our controls. Go through a dry set of contacts to a DI on a dx9100 usually. We usually make the "alarm" condition an open circuit. This way in a "normal" condition we are monitoring the circuit continually.

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