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    Bennington, Vermont U.S.A.
    Uncle Marty, John Dyzark, Fr. Peter Young. To name a few.

    Jesus is not a hero but the boss in my life.

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    Sep 2004
    MY FATHER--I would just love to be able talk to him again

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    Dec 2003
    The distinguised and learned scholar who was my first pastor. When I told him I had a hard time finding the time to "go into my closet and close the door" to pray in earnest, he gave me a perspective on God that changed my life.

    "At least 5 minutes a day, you're in the bathroom by yourself, right?"


    Well, God's there. Why don't you talk to Him?"

    Opened my mind considerably...
    "That's good enough..." usually isn't.

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    Dec 2004
    My parents. Took a wild kid and put him on the right path.

    Chesty Puller, A Marines Marine.

    There are alot of people I look up to and admire, but they wouldn't want to be called heroes. But thats why they are.

    Anyone who served past or present, but in particular the Marines I served with and the Marines my son now serves with.
    "Nothing else can poison our culture, corrupt our society or ruin the character of our people like unearned money or unearned opportunity." -- James R. Cook

    "Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever." Thomas Edison, 1889.

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    After all kidding aside, My Hero would be my father and my mother. They gave me the mental, spritial and physical health that I needed to make it in this world. I talk to them and see them almost every day. Good post, Roy

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    My Wife

    Is my Hero, as well as my heart and my life!!

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