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    Anybody know of a digital themostat that you can set "installer limits" so say a renter can't turn his thermostat above 70? I know the "Vision Pro" can do it but I need something cheaper. Also something an idiot can run.
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    The Honeywell T8501 has adjustable range stops, not sure about being idiot compatible though, (T8511 if it is a heat pump)

    We installed some of these for a housing authority project a few years back, had to replace several of them because the tenants were trying to beat the range limit by placing ice cubes on top of them

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    Not sure of any "cheap yet idiot proof" thermostats.
    I have also installed the reg honeywell round ones that only go to 72, in an apt bldg. Pretty funny, many were later changed by renters, some were broke.
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    We did a little school. It had 5 systems in it. In the principals office we had 5 White Rogers 1F90-371 thermostats. He could set the temperatures for any zone and read the temperature. All that was in each class room suite was one remote sensor. F145-1328. These are low voltage and can be used for residential.

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    the honeywell chronotherms can do that, you have to open the paperwork and press a couple of keys off the tables, but yiou can set high and low. these can also be used with remote sensors and mounted in an out of the way place.

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