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    I am working right now with Honeywell and the ilon100's, i was just wondering if anyone has any self known information that they have found out by working with these two products togthere. If so let me know... thanks

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    I have...

    Do you use the e2 ilon100? -if not, definitely upgrade.
    What H-well stuff?

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    I am using VAV2 controllers and XL50's

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    I am unsure whether H-well software accepts the ilon100 RNI. However, I haven't had problems utilizing the ilon for scheduling and alarming. Made a few web pages... no problems.

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    I'm pretty sure you can connect the CARE5 tool to your network through the iLON100 RNI (remote network interface). However, I'd use LonMaker as my network management tool and CARE as my Honeywell device configuration tool. LonMaker can easily connect through the RNI and can also launch the iLON100 plug-in that allows you to create NVE's (network variables external) that can be monitored or controlled via your webpage or used in the iLON100's scheduling, alarming, and logging applications. The difficulty with CARE is that it is not connected to the LNS database when you launch plug-ins and the iLON cannot create new datapoints (NVE's & NVL's). You could open the LNS database created from CARE using the LonMaker tool and then add the iLON and launch the plug-in. That's the beauty of LNS - it doesn't matter which LNS tool uses the database - as long as you're not trying to open a newer LNS version database with an older version LNS tool.
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