Below is a section extracted from a Fox News article written by Mike Baker a former CIA officer reporting for Fox. Mike makes a good argument in favor of profiling the Israeli way. This makes a great deal more sense that what TSA currently does as it violates the Fourth Amendment on a daily basis.

"You can design a security system that incorporates aspects of profiling without being racist. Will it statistically target more travelers from the Middle East? I suppose it might in the odd event most of the terrorists have statistically come from the Middle East. We'll have to check the numbers. If that dynamic changes then I suppose the system will start targeting the next relevant region.

The system is based on intelligence collection, behavioral science and common sense. It's not based on random questioning, political correctness or the belief that if we don't treat everyone as equally suspect then the world will hate us. If certain countries protest because their citizens get a bit more of a look-see, then maybe we should toughen up and suggest they collectively spend more time and effort condeming extremism and terrorism."

Mike Baker for Fox News