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    napolen gds

    went on a service call today. on a napolen free standing fireplace. i belive the unit is 3 years old. and since it was installed the fireplace periodicly would not turn on and then would not lite for a few hours. so far the fireplace has had a new termopile new switch and the remote was removed. when i was there the fireplace turned on with no problems. there is no spill switch on the fireplace since theres no b-vent just a liner, all wire look good and all electrical connection are tight.has anyone run into something like this?

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    Could be a bad valve with a loose connection internally. When someone walks by a few hours later it might restore the connection allowing it to work.

    You can tap on the valve with a wrench while the unit is running to see if it effects the readings at all.

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    The gas valve was changed on the last call.

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    What are the TP readings?
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