Since there are so very many fieldpiece lovers here, I have composed a list of suggestions for them, to make your lives a whole lot cheaper.
  • UV leak detector head, so you don't need that pesky Spectronics kit.
  • Sawzall attachment.
  • Drill chuck.
  • Electronic match, to light pilots.
  • Vibrator, for those long, lonely rooftop calls.
  • Soot vac attachment, for oil burner cleanings.
  • Since you have the soot vac attachment, when you're done, unplug that, and plug in your combustion analyzer head!
  • Duct cleaning machine.
  • Clock. (I can't believe I even have to MENTION this one!)
  • PDA.
  • Gameboy.
  • GPS transmitter, so your boss can keep track of whether or not you're still moving after checking voltage, using the NCV feature, and thinking that the circuit is dead.
  • Cell phone, that automaticaly dials tech support upon hearing certain, er, "colorful" terms.
  • 911 auto-dial after thirty minutes of non-motion, following a voltage check using the NCV feature.
  • Alarm clock. (Set to make you wake up and smell the coffee.)
  • Rigid propress, for those of you that do plumbing.
  • Heater, to keep your hands warm.

So, you just have your weekly paychecks sent right to fieldpiece, in a direct deposit, convenient manner.

But don't worry, none of the above will work for very long.

But if you're happy, so am I.