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    Quadrafire Mt Vernon - igniter burn out

    I had a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon pellet stove insert installed about 4 years ago. Every year beyond the first, I have had to replace the igniter (Part SRV 7000-462) at least once. Last year it was four times between September and April. This is a major pain and is getting expensive ($40 each). Three questions:

    How long are the ignitors supposed to last?
    Is there a voltage range I should verify on the leads?
    How long should the ignitor remain "on" during start up? I see mine red hot during the SS-Low and SS-Med phases.


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    There is a new firepot that is supposed to fix the issue with the igniters burning out so fast and also helps to light alternate fuels faster. The slot is much larger to allow better air flow.

    Talk to your local dealer.

    Also sounds like your ignitor might be staying on too long. If your stove is 4 years old you probably need the main board upgraded if it has not been. This might be covered under warranty, again, check with your dealer.

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    Quadra-Fire Mount Vernon ignitir burn out

    CutterJoe - where do you get ignitors for $40? I ordered one on line for $53 plus $15 shipping. My local dealer wanted $110!

    Does anyone know anyone who can service my Mount Vernon AE in southern Rhode Island? Does not have to be Quadra-Fire dealer rep (the dealer reps in this area are not helpful).


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    you can call customer service for hearth and home technologies for company to service your f.p. in that area.

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    Quadra Mt Vernon igniters

    I have a Quadra Mt. Vernon installed in May 2009. The thermostat never worked properly & had to be replaced. Last year after less than 2 years the igniter failed, the installer returned & said that they were having so much problems with pellet stoves they will only install wood stoves now. I bought a replacement igniter because it took 3 weeks to get a replacement. Now less than a year later I have an ash pan full of unburned pellets again! Quadra don't appear to want callers because there is no phone # on the web site. I am very disappointed with Quadra & the dealer in PE Canada. I bought a spare igniter last year I will try to install it myself & save the $150 it cost to install last year.

    I have just tried to switch off the stove via the thermostat but the stove is still operating? I understand there may be updates for this model? Serial # 007100105887, Manufacture Oct 2008.

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    Welcome PEI. there are updates but they are expensive you either need to get a new wall control, or have yours reprogrammed which last only as long as your power doesn't go off for 7min+ in which case your wall control reverts back to stock settings. these updates are minor though so not worth it imo.

    There is a new ignitor on the market for these stoves it is SRV7000-647. It is a 300 watt ignitor for wood pellet only, so if you burn anything else use the other ignitor. It is a lower watt ignitor which in theory will last longer.

    Is your stove not going into shutdown? when to turn your t-stat down it should go into "shutdown" and show up on the wall control. also same thing if you go into off/auto/manual settings and choose off. please clarify how you are shutting it down, and what does the wall control say.

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    Thank you very much for the reply.

    We did have a long power outage recently that lasted several hours, although they stove restarted without apparent problem. Now the igniter is no longer working & I just have an ash pan of unburned pellets. When I went to shut it down it down using the Menu/off the stove appeared to be still working, autoclean, now it is saying "off". Perhaps I was reacting too soon.

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    Quadra Mt Vernon igniters

    I am trying to install the igniter, but the diagram with the igniter seems to have it located at the front of the Firepot behind a a panel. but on my model it there is nothing at the front but seems to be behind the firepot? There are 2 Philips screws but also a nut, which are both difficult to access?

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    you don't have to take anything off. pull out the ash pan, get a mirrior and look up, you will see the ignitor on the front of the burnpot. it slides into a steel channel that is wielded onto the burnpot. loosen the the wing screw and the ignitor slides out. be sure when you are putting in the new ignitor the wires are out of the way of the autoclean.

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    Hi thank you for this. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I am very appreciative of your help. I have saved myself $150. I will get the igniter you recommended for the next time I need one.

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