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    GPS and the Fourth Amendment

    It seems that the court has deemed it a violation of the 4th amendment to track a suspect using GPS.

    However, those of us who have not committed a crime nor is there any probable cause to suspect that we have, our fourth amendment rights are violated daily with illegal searches including virtual strip searches.

    So the government's case against this drug dealer is lost because his 4th amendment rights were violated. What about those rights of the famlies going to visit grandma for Thanksgiving or those of the businessman who travels every week? Or, those of the flight attendent and pilot?

    Our government is in sorry shape. Has lost all common sense.
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    You don't need a warrant with probable cause. Just sayin'

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    Just shows you how screwed up our government really is - to hell with honest citizens but protect those criminals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh B View Post

    Our government is in sorry shape.
    I agree

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    I think the government should have to get a warrant before they can track me with GPS. I agree with the court on this.

    But I also think they should have to get a warrant to scan me at the airport.
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