Our 4-month old Quadra Fire Santa Fe pellet stove has developed a new problem. When we originally installed it, it smelled smokey whenever it started up. Sealing the pipe joints fixed that.

However, now when I run it on "high", sometimes the fire goes CRAZY - I mean; the entire firebox is filled with flames! I'm not talking about just a large flame; I'm talking about the entire box filled with flame! Luckily I've been there when this happened (twice so far) and I ran to the thermostat and shut the stove off.

I normally run the stove on Medium speed. Sometimes the flames get a little high; but nothing like that! Calling quadra-fire tech support did nothing. (they said to check the little blue resistor plug in the side of the control box to make sure it was facing the label, which it was). My dealer knows less about pellet stoves than I do; which isn't saying much.

Anyone with good Quadra Fire tech advice, manuals, troubleshooting tips, etc? I'm a computer geek during the day, so I could probably fix it if someone can walk me through what to do. Is there something in the control box that can be adjusted? The only thing on the entire stove that's adjustable is the feed lever, and i've got it pushed down as far as it will go. I've thought about somehow filing the groove out so I can slide it down further?

I really do like the stove; but the huge "fireball" in the box worries me. What if I wouldn't have been home...would the stove shut itself down automatically somehow by a safety device...or is there a chance that it could burn the house down?