First of all, this is NOT a DIY site so no advice on modifications.

Q-fire, that was brutal trying to read your posts. Can you please try using capital letters to start your sentences and break it up into a few paragraphs? TIA.

You should not be modifying your stove in anyway, much less advocating it online. You will void the warranty and listing so if you have a problem, the mfr. will be excluded from responsibility.

You are operating your stove outside the mfrs. instructions. I recommend you stop this practice and burn only according to mfr.s instructions.

You should not be burning more than 50/50 corn/ pellet mix. The corn should be dry shelled corn that has been sifted or washed to remove loose dirt.

As to your explosion theory: you must have the proper ratio of air to fuel to burn. If air is moving through the stove as designed, this cannot build a combustible vapor cloud. Check your stove's air intake, glass gaskets, exhaust path, combustion blower and venting for obstructions and verify proper airflow. Then allow the stove to operate as designed. If it does not function as designed, call a pro to service it.