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    not sure how to post a question sorry if i high jacked your post.I have a quadra fire cb 1200 the unit runs for about 20 minutes then shuts off recently changed out thermal coupler. what are the possibilties of a defected part. the unit is cleaned out the auger is dropping pallets.the blower comes on when the temp is reached . coupler is touching the ceramic cap. all sugestions welcomed

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    I am having the same problem as the above post, not sure how to post a query?

    I have a Quadra Mt. Vernon installed in May 2009. The thermostat never worked properly & had to be replaced. Last year after less than 2 years the igniter failed, the installer returned & said that they were having so much problems with pellet stoves they will only install wood stoves now. I bought a replacement igniter because it took 3 weeks to get a replacement. Now less than a year later I have an ash pan full of unburned pellets again! Quadra don't appear to want callers because there is no phone # on the web site. I am very disappointed with Quadra & the dealer in PE Canada.

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    I have the Santa Fe Insert for 2 months and have had trouble with over firing since day one. The dealer has replaced the control panel and that helped a little but still after the fire is on for a few hours it will over fire and will not stop feeding pellets even after thermostat is turned off, the red light will remain on even after I turn the darn thing off. The only way I can make it stop feeding is to open the top of the pellet bin and leave it open until stove cools down. When stove cools down the red light will finally go out. The dealer has been out twice and is stumped, he called Quadra Fire while at my house and the tech there said they'd never heard of this happening - which I find hard to believe after reading this forum. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is with this darn stove?

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    First thing to check is the red light. If you turn the T-stat up the red light comes on? what happens if you then turn it back off within a few minutes?

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    I have an older Castile insert and did experience the warped floor surface that the fire pot mounts to but you mentioned that you drilled out the opening fire pot door like the Castiles have. My Castile fire pot door does not have any holes drilled into it. Anyone know if this was a mod done on newer stoves...

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