[QUOTE=bcb1;676031]I appreciate your advice. The first time I called (2 days ago) I got stuck with a low-level person that basically told me to check the resistor on the side of the control box and said "gee, we might have to get one of the tech support guys involved". Not real helpful.

I have a new santa Fe and am having the same problem with over feeding...

I have moved the feed plate as low as it will go by modifying it and still get an over feed condition on startup and on run setting.

I have a bleu plastic plug on the side of my control box and it has a copper jumper on top of that with some wax like glue???

The manual says nothing about the plug other than it might be a accessory jumper???

If I unplug it it really overfeeds and sounds like a rocket and fills the box with flames.

the copper bar jumper thingie just sits on top of the pins and is loose and not "pluged in" so if I stand there and hold it down it seems to feed ok...

Anyone know what this plug is and what it does???

Seems to me if it is a feed jumper they are taking a big risk by leaving a meltdown to such a poor conection.