Hello Forum,

I might build my own cottage and I am looking into heating systems.
I do not plan to heat it all winter, just when I go up there every month
or so for 2-3 days. I am considering this oven, since it runs on pellets I
can transport myself. It powers cookstove, oven, warm water and the
hot water for radiators: klover smart 120, italian brand
(can not post links yet, since new to forum)

My first question is; what experiences you have made with this or similar

The second one is about the problem of the water in the oven; the pipes
and the radiators freezing during non heated periods. Daily minimum temperature
is around -15C for at least 3 months in the year with extreme lows of -40C.
Draining the pipes regularly is impractical and bad for the system (unlike drinking-
water pipes). Can I get around this problem with just adding enough glycol?

Also, is this the right forum? Did not see one for just heating.

Thank you.