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    I recently received a free copy of Comfort View V3.0 software (Hear that Trane Management, free) due to that fact we will be servicing a new building with that system in it. I loaded the software no problem in my laptop and went about my business. The next day I was at a Trane job and needed to access a PCM. Couldn’t do it, my comm. port was taken over by the Carrier software. I uninstalled the Carrier stuff and continued on my way. I am now back at the office and have reloaded the Comfort View. I am trying to find a way to release the comm. port manually and re-initializing it when I need to. Does anyone know if and how to do this?
    Thanks guys.

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    Depending on what OS you have...control panel, performance & maintenance, administrative tasks, services. Change all the services that have to do with Comfortview to manual. Then when you want to use Comfortview just start the GUI service & the rest will start by themselves. Then stop all those services to use other software or reboot.

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    set up 2 hardware profiles and it will help to know what OS you are useing


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    Ditto on what jhawk said. Go into my the CVIEW directory with windows explorer and find the startup program. It has a wrench for an icon. Send this to the desktop or somewhere where it is easy to get to. Open this startup program and change all of the options to manual startup. Before you start Comfortview each time, open this program and click GUI Services start. This will start everything in the list. Then run Comfortview normally. This will prevent Cview from reserving com ports.

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    Thanks guys

    That worked fine.

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    One more option is to set your connection back from 232 or 485 to database only or remote connection if using a telink or nam, it will also release the port.

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    What file exactly do I need to open to configure manual startup of the comfortview modules. I have looked in my CVIEW folder but could not find and file with a wrench.
    Has anyone had a problem with the com1 port not initializing on startup. I can't pinpoint ComfortVIEW as the problem precisly (although it's the main suspect), but when I startup the computer my Com1 hardport does not initialize correctly anymore. I need to change the resources tab or uninstall-reinstall com port 1 to get it to work with any program. Very annoying


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    I have seen a utility from carrier that starts and stops c-view, releasing the comm port driver. Carrier Rep said he would e-mail it to me.

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    I use service tool 5 to work in cview It works thru usb and will not interfere with other managment programs

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    Turn Off CView

    Right click your “My Computer” icon and in the drop down menu select “Manage” by double clicking on it. The Computer Management window will open; when it does select Services and Applications in the left window by double clicking on it. That will allow you to select “Services” by double clicking it. When you have done that look at the bottom of the right window and click the “Standard” tab. This will display all the services you have available. Go down the list until you find the CView services (They are all together except for SQL Anywhere) Right click each one, one at a time. Depending on the operating system you have you may be able to set it to manual at this time if it does not give you the option to set it on manual you will need to click “Properties” You can stop the service and set them to manual in the Properties Tab. Remember when you do this every time you start the computer it will tell you that the system is waiting for CView to start. Just click cancel and it will tell you that the application was stopped by the user and you are good to go. When you want to start CView right click My Computer> Manage> Services and Applications> Services> open the standard tab Right click GUI Services and select start. I always check to see that SQL Anywhere started but it has everytime.

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