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    need a ddc solution for autolysis research

    good evening,
    I need to have precise control and historical data to support a ongoing cadaver autolysis experiment. Wireless prefered.

    any recomendations?

    thank you

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    Take a look at Andover Controls (Schneider Electric). They have CFR compliance and can control environments as well as any tier 1 control line. They also a proven wireless solution in both BACnet and propriety protocols.

    If you want some more information contact me (email in my profile).

    kontrol out
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    I think you may need to give us a little more information about your application, for example how rapid/often do you require readings and control, plus are you looking at one or two inputs and outputs, or numerous?

    Also are you after another party getting involved to provide the programming, or are you looking to assemble, test and adjust this thing yourself?

    These answers will let us know if a control system (mainly for HVAC) is suitable, and also many companies and good engineers spend years being taught and learning about these systems. You will not get the best from any product with just reading a manual, with a box and piece of software.

    There are a few small scale, simplified control and experimentation systems designed for such laboratory and research projects, which may well be more suitable for such applications.

    Let us know and we may then be able to help further.

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    It all depends of the specifications you are looking to meet.

    When I'm doing a specialized automation system, I avoid the use of HVAC control equipment. First off, PLCs are far cheaper and more reliable for data logging and critical process control. Not to mention that they are usually more flexible and can handle a larger program than most HVAC DDC.

    Secondly, when it comes to wireless, just how wireless do you want to get? It is a matter of wireless sensors or of ability to communicate to a user interface? Are you looking for long range shots of 20 miles? Any protocol can be converted into a wireless solution nowadays.

    Finally, PLCs offer the ability for a cost competitive front-end and DAQ solution customized for your needs. If 21CFRpart11 is a concern, then that electronic signature can be implemented in the front-end software. Hardware is never 21CFR11 listed, so use of PLCs give you a cost advantage again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCETEGROM View Post
    good evening,
    I need to have precise control and historical data to support a ongoing cadaver autolysis experiment. Wireless prefered.

    any recomendations?

    thank you
    Wow!. You must be a consultant to be this arrogant!.
    BTW, your secretary missed the 'n' for the vowel elision.

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