A question I'm sure has been asked before, but I am curious, how did you all find HVAC-Talk?

I found it because I used to (And still do sometimes) post and lurk in alt.hvac, the group on Usenet.

Someone on there posted a link to a thread on the site in there. I clicked on the link which took me to the thread, and I then noticed the layout of the site, and clikced the link of the home page. The rest is history!

The first 2 nights on here I spent HOURS going through pics on the wall of shame. The one that took the cake for me was the package unit in an attic thread. Man I about fell out of my chair laughing so hard, could not stop laughing for 20 minutes! I then went to work and told everyone about it the next day.

And while we are at it, does anyone else on here post, or did they used to post in alt.hvac?