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    I am quoting to install an auto redialer for some boiler limit alarms. I called Cleaver Brooks , they are providing the control, electronic low water and high water cut off. They are telling me a auto dialer could be a couple of grand but I have a price for a Paravox for a few hundred. Has anyone used the paravox before, I assume when the alarm contacts make the thing will dial out until someone answers. It will be going to a on site pager that maintenance or security will carry.
    The Cleaver brooks level master also must be programmed, it requires software that they say will be provided, has anyone used it before and is it difficult to use?

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    Used PARAVOX on a few boiler alarm jobs in the past no problems with them.

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    Have not used Paravox specifically before but have used other brands of auto dialers for this application with no problem. What kind of drugs were they on telling you it could cost thousands to do this?

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