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    I have to update my 19 year old ranch house with new HVAC. I am looking at the Carrier and Bryant brands, Lennox and Armstrong, and Trane units. Can't seem to find alot of information to compare the units to each other. Just wonder if any of you guys in the business have any thoughts?

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    Forget Carrier and Bryant. Lennox is good stuff but you're usually stuck with the Lennox dealer for parts. Trane is good but American Standard is a lower priced version of the same thing. Can't comment on Armstrong. Take a closer look at AS and maybe Rheem.

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    Heating and air conditioning equipment is only as good as the dealer you buy it from. Just like a car. If you can't get good service then the few bucks you saved just isn't worth it.

    My dealership dumped a leading brand of air conditioning equipment because we could see the quality was slipping. All of there coils were being made in Mexico. When we the dealers got them up here and found them leaking the manufacturer expected us to fix them for nothing.

    We decided to switch brands and now we sell residential equipment that is made in America. Our brand carries the best warranty in the industry.

    We are Frigidaire dealers. But choose a dealer and let him choose the equipment for you. A good dealer stands behind what he sells.

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    They are all the same......except Gooman.........they suck
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    puffinboy ..... you might want to look into the brands that some are bashing too . A lot of shops will bash them being the brand they have is overpriced and not competative. They can tell you the differant features or problems but when they get to calling them thats the one thats probably kicking their butt in sales. Now all brands have more expensive models , higher efficency, 2-stage, more features. Mainly go with who your are more comfortable with and probably best to go with a brand that not only one guy around sells, just in case you decide later on you dont like someting about the shop that did install it. Also that way you are not held prisoner on parts prices.

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    personally I like Trane and lennox, then york and carrier/bryant

    I have no particular affiliation with any brand but I also don't install allot of resd units. - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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