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    Originally posted by sparky383
    Work for a commercial refrig/heat cool/ company

    We only go out for real emergencies.......walk-in down, ice machine, or kitchen exhaust (fire alarm)

    get 4 hours OT pay plus 1 1/2 pay from time leaving home to getting back home. dbl time on holidays.

    For cust. 1 1/2 after 4:30 during week and 1 1/2 on weekends. dbl time on holidays
    Now THAT is a fine way to run a service dept!!! I am impressed.

    However, I would not roll out for an ice maker. One call and they can have ice in any quantity delivered. That's much faster than repairing a machine and waiting for it to drop a couple hundred pounds ...
    Plus, with delivered ice, no one is in the way of the people who are in the restaurant or store.

    A tech does a much better job on regular time than OT. He isnt rushed to get to the next call and he knows he has backup as well as full access to parts houses, etc.

    Plus ... a tech needs their rest. Sure, OT money is nice, but when your in the busy season, the tech is already flush with their bills anyway. What they really need during that time is rest, not more to do.

    And of course, no contractor in his right mind would hire flex labor.
    Someone semi retired to come fill in the spots as needed.
    THAT would make too much sense!!!

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    We have 6 techs and we take turns, 1 week on call (fri -thur), minimum 2 hrs OT (time and a half, double on stats) and your paid from when you leave till you get home. We also get $150 tool allowance for each week on call. Because we have the contract for a small local supermarket chain, if you get a call at 1am, 3am whatever, and the pack is down you go. Also a couple fish packing plants. Those are the emergency calls. Most home owners will wait for monday once they hear $102 per hour.

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    wow i wasn't expecting that many replies. we sure have many refrigeration techs here. I stay away from refrigeration for the reason many of you stated if its 3am you gotta go. I do appreciate everyones response i find it amazing how in the hvac industry how things differ so much from one company to another and one area of the country to another.

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    I work for a commercial/industrial outfit now. Don't do any residential, but I have in the passed. We do alot computer rooms - They call we go - period. Of course they are told of the price difference. (time and a half) At all times we have 2 techs,1 supervisor, and 1 control tech on call. We've gotten alot of accounts by responding when other would not.

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