What usually constitutes an emergancy is this: they cannot hold their product without losing it and it's after business hours at the store.

Residentail customers dont know what an emergency is. So you have to introduce them to the higgher service charge when they insist on coming after five PM.

Commercial accounts will only use you when they have either an issue of convenience or truly have an emergency.
But most times they call, it is their fault for not planning ahead.
But I would still go anyway cause they are the one;'s who pay the bills. The employer only writes the checks.
The customer pays the bills! ALL OF THEM!!!

Do I like rolling on a call at eleven PM when they really dont need service but merly want to be prepared for tomorrow's delivery? HECK NO!!!
But I get paid to go. And stiing home after turning down that call, is grounds for being fired in some people's book.
I work for the paycheck. Not for the thrill of the tasks.
So if a service man wants to keep his job, be best get used to rolling out whenever the customer says "jump"!
Providing they are willing to pay the fee's.