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    Is it worth being a vendor for a home warranty Comp , and is there any for Florida (home warr )

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    Boy oh Boy you have set them off now. Florida and home warrenty company in the same sentance yeha! you are going to see some rants now

    Ps I have no experience in Home watterty cos just have read allot of rants here - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    If you want to work cheap, wait 30 to 60 days for your money, argue every major repair, wait on the phone for an hour getting an okay then do it. Over the years I have worked with quite a few, they still call us and ask us to do work, but what they pay I just break even , not worth it.

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    HVAC45 is telling it like it is.

    We don't even deal with HW's. We deal with the HO only, get paid by HO, and let them deal with HW's.
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    That is how I do it to Bootlen.

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    I tend to differ a bit but they do kind of suck but if your new and business it can help keep your doors open especially if you can do other services I would replace doorbells,dishwasher motors, fix refrigerators,stoves,water heaters, do light plumbing plenty of time in Florida i ended up just changea flapper for an old lady. These HW customers always pay a deductible to me usually $35 and then bill the company time and material as previous agreed.

    But they do pay you never got stiffed they don't want to pay for completely replacing anything ever and if you want a 3 ton compressor they send you or have you pickup a 2.5t they always down size it half a ton so I did fight about that because then the piping is all different more material more time when not the same compressor.

    But everything needs to be called in to them and approved first and then you have to bill them. I billed them monthly.

    Sometimes too i had once where they had me changeout a fridge compressor against my reccomendation the compressor was burnt and there was a leak I could not locate probably where the piping went between the back wall but they said change it out see what happens leaked and stopped working like a week and a half later so they sent me out again and i called explained it and he asked me to charge the system and then let the customer know they would be getting a new fridge and they paid me each time I was there.

    However, normally if u get a callback for the same problem you supposedly fixed they won't pay it.

    Look up online Home Buyers Warranty and America Home Shield and submit them your contractors license and insurance they require and you will get setup and they will give u set prices for most repairs and you can always say no.

    I would only work with them if I had to which I did when I had first started but if they can keep you afloat till you have been around awhile and don't need them anymore thats okay but you will stay poor if you only do work for them.

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    And then you have the masters of home warranty company service work. We Have a AAA rating and that is based on customer surveys that say we understand what the customer wants and we deliver. We understand what the Home Warranty Co. wants and we deliver. I can't teach you this on a web site forum but i can say there is huge market out there in home warranty work. $$$

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