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Remember, you can get the Fluke HVAC combo kit for under 200 bucks.

That's the Fluke 16, which has temperature, and capacitance, in addition to standard DVM meters, and the Fluke 322 clamp DMM. A GOOD, high quality set of leads and a case for the hole outfit.

Like the Fielpiece OEM leads? Didn't think so.
Geez dave I have the original 15? year old leads on my fieldpiece,I have the extra long probes & have bent them on accident a multitude of times.Hell I stepped on one today & bent it on a 90 deg angle.I bent it back & it is ok.

Yeah, and at < 40F, you can hold the 4' leads straight out, and stay 4' away from the circuit!!!!!

Nice feature.

Pick up a set of $40.00 Fluke leads once. Then tell me which one is better.

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Most of the guys I have seen complain about fieldpiece meters just plain old didn't understand how to use the functions.I do not think you fit in that category.

What's not to understand on them? A 3 year old could troubleshoot a PLC with one, according to THEM!

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[What left such a bad taste in your mouth for them?

Jesus, Mark, read the threads!

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[I like mine most of the time my fluke meters sit in my truck & I use the field piece.The only time I ever get the flukes out is when I have to monitor multiple inputs at the same time.(It is commical to see a guy with four meters hooked up to one machine at a time but it does happen on rare occasions lol)

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Well, I can't personally see owning a high quality meter, then not using it, simply because there is a cheaper one around that you're not afraid to beat on.

My 189 and 54 go in to every single job with me, bouncing around in the bag. I'm not gonna drag around my old 8025A simply because the 189 was expensive....