The talk here on the street is that JCI is looking to get into my bussiness. (Single Source Responsibility). Now alot of you may think they already are there because of the mechanical side techs. Thats not what I am talking about, JCI is rumored here to be possibly purchasing one of the largest mech. contractors in the country (currently private owned and has been in the top 5 in the country several years). JCI by doing this will be stepping into the design build market, with in-house fully staffed mech. PE's and engineering support staff.

If they are doing this around the country it does not make since to me to eliminate such talent (some being pioneers of ddc in the temperature controls market). If performance levels of some individuals where not at their current expectations why not wait and see how performance levels are after merging with a large design build firm. This type of enviroment change can "re-kindle" a persons outlook in their job.

Now intstead of the old addidge of the design engineer not putting this piece of brass or that piece of silver in the design for not just good mechanical-controls, but great mechanical to controls to SYSTEM performance because the engineers (controls and mechanical) work together along with many more as a quality assurance team. (thats the fun part, finding bad flow from design to end of warranty and making neccesarry changes that help all parties involved and of course make since financially).

working for a design build firm you get to have MAJOR input in design considerations that can eliminate writing major code to get an end result that the job requires.

There is a controls contractor here that does alot of work for a mechanical contractor that does not have control people on staff. They have to literally chase the diversity factor around a building by re-setting the max cfm setpoints in every single vav and ftu. You would not believe how much code they write to do this. Its actually amusing to go into one of these jobs because this has become a signature of these two contractors working with each other (I cant say together).

This type of relationship controls contractor/mechanical contractor can in alot of instances be a tug of war.