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    Did a job with a couple voyager rtu's controled by a tracker few months ago. have put Tracker on about 3 buildings this year with no problems at all (all have screen) One particular building the screen is "blinking" every ten seconds or so, well I did all the usual stuff verified 24 volts was constant and not intermittent, electricians changed transformer and put it on it's own circuit, Trane came out and replaced boards in the Tracker, then added some resistors everything has been checked and rechecked so far as sheilding, grounding, even loaded version 12 software on it entire comm link has been isolated, and each wire ohmed out, took unit off the wall and took it home still blinks at home lmao reinstalled, this blink has not affected the operation at all, but it is driving customer nutty which in turn is driving us nutty lol. trane finally told our customer that this was "normal" for this system to blink, now I know this is was prob to "silence" the customer, but wondered if any of you gurus have run into this? and if so what have you done? Please don't take this as a trane bashing thread they have been above and beyond on this particular job to help us with this "nitpicky?" customer

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    Done 6-10 of the Tracker and they all blink.
    Not like the screen disapears or anything but there
    will be a faint distortion, I just figure that is the
    srceen updating info from the scan of the comm link.

    Guy sounds pretty anal!?!?

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    ya just like you said qtip screen doesn't disappear, just a little distortion every ten seconds guy is anal boss thinks he is making this an issue to keep from paying us our retention

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    one day I was in a really good mood so I was at the building doing some other warranty work when I stopped by his office and said "wow it quit blinking!" he looks at it, then I see him holding his eyes open so he doesn't blink then he says "there" "see it?" "no" I said this was fun for about 2 minutes untill a guy walked in his office and got drug into the game lol guy didn't play along or we coulda had some real fun messin with him.

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