Hi all,
I've been reading the site for a couple of weeks now and i think I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new furnace and replace the 20 year old unit that came with the house.

I have had 4 bids come in. Two of the bids came with load calc's. Of these two bids, one bid did a much more thorough job on the load calc's than the other. The less accurate bid said they would do a more accurate load calc after an agreement was signed. The more accurate bid comes from a small outfit and has been in business for about 10 years. The less accurate calc bid is a much larger company and has been in business for over 25 years. Should I factor the track records of the companies in selecting a bid? Both seem to have spotless online and BBB records. Any other way to figure out how "good" an outfit is?

The more accurate calc bid gave me 2 options, a Whirlpool WGFM29 and a Bryant 359BAV. Both models seem to have roughly equivalent specs (warrenty, 95% AFLUE, variable speed blower, BTU output, etc). The less accurate bid came in with same Bryant furnace.

The Whirlpool came in a fair amount cheaper than the Bryant. From my understanding, the Whirlpool is roughly the same as the Amana AMVC95. Are there any known difference between the Whirlpool and Amana products (i.e. different internals capabilities)?

Are there any reasons why I should or shouldn't go for the Whirlpool? Is the Bryant going to be more reliable?

Any other advice or suggestions on selecting a furnace are more than welcome! Thanks.