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    Anyone run across or have any dealings with a Johnson FX-05.
    Kinda like a mini plc. Looks pretty sweet. Just trolling for any good, bad, experience.

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    I work with an outfit (OEM) that has used a bunch of them, and seems to like them.

    JC was trying to get me to use them, they sent me a copy of their programming software, which was horrendous.

    I am pretty dedicated to Carel. Carel does not make and FX05 type product, however, the FX15 is a direct knock off of Carel's pco2.

    Coincidentally, the people who run (or started) that group for JC, and the guys who wrote the software, are former Carel employees. I have heard they are back at Carel and JC is going to cancel the FX controllers. Just a rumour I heard, I have no idea if it is true.

    But yes, the FX05 is pretty cool. I have been telling Carel they need to make one.


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    For their functionality, they're fairly inexpensive (especially if you buy them from Kele already packaged into a pre-programmed, pre-wired panel for certain specific applications). A little funky as far as directly wiring in AI's go (you need plug-in modules for certain types of AI's to work correctly), but if you want a freely programmable controller with a JCI badge, it's far more affordable than a DX-9100.
    If you're a Johnson-savvy tech that wants a new toy, you have a bit of a learning curve - any DX-9100 experience you have will come in handy, but the PLC programming takes on two new flavors, a "state-machine" way of programming (which requires a whole new mindset to figure out, but then it actually makes sense), and a higher-level English-language way of programming (imagine taking their original ladder-logic type of PLC programming, and typing in the words instead of the symbols).
    Overall, it's cute - good use of colors and different ways of linking objects (in an effort to avoid the spaghetti you get with a conventional DX-9100 program). The fully customizable display, with programmable LEDS and buttons (even on the low-end FX-05), is a very cool feature that will solve certain specifications that call for a local display.
    This line of controllers is definitely a step toward the LON world, with many references in its programming to Network Variables (the JCI trainers were very sketchy on LON-compliance issues), and your knowledge of datatypes and data conversions needs to be sharp, because it's LON enough to natively display Celsius and metric units unless you remember to convert the displayed output into SI.
    The downside(s): the new tools (both software and hardware) needed to program this new line of controllers make it yet another investment to keep up with the next JCI endeavor. Little documentation available yet, there's only a couple of JCI guys involved in the project, and JCI's tech support will scratch their heads and go "HUH??" if you mention the product to them, so this line may require some maturity before being heavily embraced as a viable product line.

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    The Fx-05 is the best. It IS a mini-PLC. Totally customizable. Its like a DX 9100, but about the size of a pack of cigarettes. And, they have optional communication cards for Lon, N2, or a real time clock. The programming software only appears to be difficult, because it is so flexible. I don't think JCI is planning on obsoleting this any time soon, as they just released additional controllers in the product family. They have a master controller that does distributed control and a new display that does supervisory control.

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    Got a link on the FX? Thanks

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    do any of you know where I might get a copy of that software just to see it or documentation on it?

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    i understand the fx line will be the new platform for the JCI ABCS channel. Some info is available on european web sites.

    I would like to know more about the carel connection?

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    FX05 Controller

    I just started using these on some water chillers in our plant. Have you been using them long? I need to find out how to get the FX-Tools software, interface card & download cable so that I can program them. Any advice?

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    LNS Open based plugins available?

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