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    That was my next question

    Why do they call it that?

    I thought it was because the bees have a stinger, and the birds have a nest. Am I right?
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Originally posted by thehumid1

    So how many have mooned people on this forum?
    I've mooned more folks than I'm likely to confess to my kids or grandkids.

    But that was some years ago. Haven't mooned anyone lately. Unless yah count skinny dipping as mooning.

    My favorite moon episode was when I and some other guys mooned Admiral Zumwalt and Frank Sinatra. Frank and a troop of folks were going around putting on USO shows. This is back in Nam. We hoped they'd put on a show for us but decided to pass up my unit as being too small to bother with. Pissed off some guys. When I heard that a couple of our heloes were lifting off to go give em a piece of their minds, I joined em. We made a couple low and slow passovers with assorted asses hanging out side doors, etc.

    <Shrug> Of course the higher ups got a bit peeved at us. But at the time we kinda figured ... what were they gonna do? Take away our birthdays? Send us to Nam? LOL !

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    yes I have

    But only when I thought it was needed and only once was it caught on film. Of course the pic was showed to my mother in law since she wasn't there.
    Be safe not fast. body parts don't grow back

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    Here's one for you and Randy Moss
    Eagles defense really shut him down today

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